Membership to the Association (AUGOS) shall be by an application form or an invitation, save for the subscribers to the Constitution.

Admittance as a Member to the Association shall be subject to approval of the Governing Board in its meeting(s) and may also be subject to the recommendation of at least one (1) fully paid up Member.

The Governing Board shall have the discretion to waive membership fee requirements for an individual , organization, company, corporation or entity

A Member may be suspended or excluded from the Association upon the recommendation of the Governing Board, by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Members eligible to vote thereon, voting in person or by proxy,. if such Member acts contrary to the purposes and objectives of the Association or persistently refuses to comply with the obligations of a Member as set forth in the Constitution and Regulations, and in the resolutions of the Governing Board.

The subscribers to this Constitution shall be the founding members of the Association but shall retire or cease to be members through resignation, or by death, or if the Association ceases to exist.

The Annual Subscription Fee is subject to revision by the General Assembly in its Annual General Meeting. However on registration and selecting the membership classification for which you qualify, a membership fee will be shown prior to submitting your application

We have the following membership groups:

1 - Registered Users (Users who register on the website and verify email address)
2 - Individual Members (Includes: oil and gas Individuals like technicians, technologists etc)
3 - Company Members (Inludes: companies, instituitions, organizations, govt agencies) 
4 - Corporate Members (Includes: corporations and multinationals)

We perform individuals, companies and corporations identity validation and verifications. If you want to be verified, you will have to submit supporting documentations. Verified members or verified entities will have a blue verification tick mark by their profile.

You will first sign up for a general registered user account and then apply or upgrade to the membership group that you qualify for.

Membership with AUGOS has exclusive priviledges!. From getting exclusive front seat access to oil and gas contracts, to getting association negotiated: reduction in Insurance rates, special banking loan rates, special tax exclusivity zones, oil and gas industry approved training or certification and much more.. 

Proceed and VIEW MEMBERSHIP FEES and associated website usage privileges then return and proceed to REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT