1 - You are able to invite friend or members to join argos.org. you must first be registered and logged in.

2 - You will recieve $20 worth of Activity points for every verified Member invited who spends at least $25 in paid services on augos.org, or simply recieve $1 worth of activitivy points for every invited and registered member up to $5 a day for every registered member.

3 - Each brand new member who signs up will recieve a promotional special offer of $25 in activity points. The Activity points can be used all over the website to pay for products and services. The Activity points can also be converted to Emoney which is used as payment currency all over this website. This special offer is revoked at any time without notice.

4 - You can invite just one or many people. You will be shown a text box that allows you to enter their emails and add a sjort invitation note. All members invited by you that register, will automatically be added as your friend or network member. Note, entry of incorrect emails that cause bouncing back, will have the system automatically suspend your account and lock you out. So ensure that you only use current and active email addresses.

5 - Members earn activity points by being active on the website, for every activity like posting photos, blogs,events etc, you earn actvity points.. These points can be converted to Emoney. So it pays to be active. The activity points are awareded automatically by the system. Each activitity has various rating for activity points earned.

Go ahead and INVITE FRIENDS OR ASSOCIATES and get paid.