Publish Date: June 16, 2021, 10:15 am

Forcier has its roots in South Sudan. From dusty, riverside tents by the Nile to an office of 50 staff in Juba, Forcier has grown alongside the world's newest nation. Throughout our history, we have undertaken research in all 86 counties of South Sudan, including the first nationally representative survey to utilize computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI). As well, we have maintained a continuous presence in South Sudan since 2011, including throughout the crisis in December of 2013. With over 275 studies completed in-country and around the region, Forcier has conducted research ranging from an ethnographic atlas of indigenous tribes for the World Bank, to writing the Manual for Conducting Market Assessments in South Sudan for the ILO. Our highly-qualified local staff, with numerous linguistic capabilities and ethnic backgrounds, allows us to reach areas of the country inaccessible by traditional consultants and firms. Since 2018, Forcier East Africa has expanded to conduct projects in Uganda and Tanzania.

Location: Forcier Office, Juba, South Sudan