The advert placement system on augos.org is automated and does not require admin intervertion. This means that any member can place an advert on the website by themselves without the help of the system admin.

1 - To place Ads here, you must be registered and logged into the site.

2 - Click on Ads Link.  It will give a choice on wether you want to place a photo Ad or an HTML Ad. A photo Ad is one where you upload a square logo of your company and when visitors click on the logo, they are directed to where ever you want the link to go, like your website, facebook page, Linkedin page etc. An HTML Ad is when you need to use basic HTML code to place your AD, such that the AD performs additional properties before directed to where you want. For most people the Photo AD is the best choice, very easy, very quick and does not require any skill.

3 - You will then see the option of which part of the website (blocks) you would like to place your AD. A link with a map display on which block goes where on the website and what size of Ad is associated with the block is given to you. You click the link and choose which Block size suits you, and what price meets your budget. Here the system will offer you to view your sample Ad and see what it will look like before you select.. Example: Block3-240x240-CPC, means placement of Ad on: block 3, image size: 240X 240 pixels, on a CPC charge.

4 - You will then see the option of choosing either: CPM (cost per mile) or CPC (cost per click). Cost per mile is the number of times your Ad gets viewed,measured for every a thousand views. The cost per click is what you get charged per click every time a member clicks on your Ad. Most people tend to start off with Cost Per Mile option.

5 -  On Selecting CPM or CPC, the system gives you the price of placing the Ad. Here you can now modify more or less how many views you want to buy if it is CPM, or how many clicks you want to buy. The system will also give you the option of when and how long you want your Ad to run. You have the flexibility to select as much or as little as your budget allows.

6 - The system then gives you the option of where you want to target your Ads, it gives you the option to target your Ads by global location, gender, age and or group type membership. Most people simple do not restrict their target groups and simply leave it as target all.

7 - You are then offered the option to pay for the Ad. You can pay now, or save it and pay later. The Ad will not run unless it has been paid for. You can pay for the AD using, Paypal, Your Activity Points, Emoney, Bank Transfer or Mobile Money.  For bank transfer and Emoney, the payment will be manually processed, for other payments it can be done online and your Ad will be running immediately. Most people in Uganda Opt for mobile money payment.

8 - At amy time, you can view the statistics report for your ad, on how many views and how clicks it has gained. You can also view how long it has run and when it will expire. 

Go to your: AD CONTROL PANEL or  Proceeed directly and PLACE AN AD